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The Bertoletti Guitar is a friend to the big and generous spirit of the dynamic expression and is perfectly balanced. It is precise in translating the emotive intent of the player and is very reliable in the interpretation. It is beautiful! 

Walter Salin             

In me un'orchestra di idee e leggi fisiche per costruire un grande strumento che possa interpretare una magnifica arte: la Musica...

Domenico Bertoletti            

He was born in Ala in the province of Trento, Italy and ever since he was a young boy he has pursued his passion for carving and cabinetmaking.

The meeting in 1978 with the guitar maker Abele Naldi directs Domenico's passion towards the world of guitars and lutes. 

In 1979 he built his first instrument, which was to be the beginning of a long path that would lead him to a deeper knowledge of the instrument and to experiment with the most sophisticated construction and acoustic techniques.

Over the years Domenico engages in the task of producing instruments from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, keeping to the complex historical canons. The carving of the roses, the construction of the slats, the choice and quality of the materials altogether, give Domenico's instruments a personality of their own and consequently prestige.

With his fame and prestige consolidated, he decides to turn his attention to the philosophy, structure and acoustics of the Classic Guitar, alternating his experiments with the study of guitars made by the best who have made history, Guadagnini, Torres, Hauser, Fleta, Ramirez...

His studies and experience gained over time have forged the particular characteristics of Domenico's instruments; the skillful choice of wood and the use of traditional methods together with the newest techniques allow his guitars to create a sound of refined beauty, clear and supple ready to express the widest range of nuances.

Every one of Domenico's guitars is unique, each characterised and embellished with particular details varying on the the type and use of the prized Woods.



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